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About Omega Energy

OMEGA ENERGY was founded in 2018 after more than 2 years of deep and intensive studies of Renewable Energy technology all over the world.


Due to the current dilemma of power source generation all over the world and encouraging to GO GREEN (depending on Renewable Energy Sources) coupled with the advantage of being one of the best countries all over the world in Sunlight intensity all year long, The Namibian Government started to really encourage direct investments in the electricity sector which is an effective solution to the power supply in Namibia.

Our experienced professionals who have expertise in developing new ideas & solutions have enabled us to bring improvements in our efficiency levels, in turn helping our clients attain their strategic goals.

Today, we have earned a remarkable reputation among numerous clients from whom we earned their trusts and goodwill.

​We firmly believe in staying ahead in the vibrant and turbulent world economy and should provide our clients with the most consistent and prompt quality services. We provide our clients with business solutions under one roof and regularly and timely upgrade knowledge and increase awareness.

​We subscribe to a philosophy of accountability, transparency, integrity, excellence, responsiveness and innovation in all our business dealings. We turn ordinary business models into extraordinary performers, delivering strong and consistent performances; that is above average market shareholders’ returns in the process

Wind Mills

What We Do

1. We can design, build and commission with utmost sophistication and provide real-time operational support & maintenance to large scale solar power plants with a proven experience of over 150 MW with our partners. Our Design team ensures a robust and sustainable design for proper project execution.

2. We can ensure reliability yields and durability by using quality multi-system products complementing each other and securing Equity Finance to build the project.

3. We provide unique Solutions and Techniques to ensure the successful delivery of renewable and sustainable energy projects promptly.

4. Deliver value with an optimal financial solution coupled with excellent management of the procurement, engineering and build process.

5. OMEGA ENERGY offers tailored solutions according to the client interest and needs.

What we do

Why Choose Us?

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We have a team of senior solar pioneers and energy industry specialists.

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We can secure innovative funding for solar PV projects across Africa, enabling many projects to achieve operational phase where previously this was not possible. We have the ability to support any project partially or fully Funded.

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We can support all types of customer segments [residential, commercial and utility], installers, distributors and financiers.

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Renewable energy system solutions for homes, commercial applications and power plants.

Why Us

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